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10 Jul 2016: The long overdue Blog section is now available! More updates to the site will follow!
14 Mar 2016: Some extra features of the website that have not been updated in a long time have been removed. Broken links to other websites in the Crab Care section have been removed.

Care Sheets

Care Sheets
Our very basic care sheet is available for download in Australian and American English. Please refer to our Crab Care section for more thorough explanations.


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East Henna Cape, Miyako Island
Most people working full-time in Australia get four weeks of annual leave. As some of you may know, most Australian crabbers have only encountered the common Australian land hermit crab (Coenobita variabilis). Only a small number of crabbers, including myself, have had the privilege of keeping the elusive strawberry land hermit crab (Coenobita perlatus), which are only available in certain pet stores for a limited time only.
So what does an adventurous Australian crabber such as myself do when it is time for annual leave? Why not travel the world searching for other species than I have never seen in person? I did spend my holidays visiting many places, but since this is a website about land hermit crabs, I will focus on them only.
2016: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
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