good care if leaving town?

Questions about crabsitting and transporting hermit crabs.
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Re: good care if leaving town?

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The pill box is a great idea from that page, Marie - it takes the guesswork/drudgery out of picking what to feed the crabs on any given day. You don't need to have a pill box if you have small bags labelled with food, but still - it means that all the hermie-sitter has to do is dump a pre-labelled container's worth of food into a bowl.

The longest I left my hermies at one time was two weeks, BUT there were a few reasons it worked okay:

1. I only had two of them in a 10g tank
2. They were both dug under, molting, when I left
3. The apartment heat was set to 70F, meaning their room was about 69F, which kept their metabolisms down a bit
4. My roommate was able to turn on their heat light for the first few and last few days of my being gone (this was Christmas break and she left a few days after me and returned a few days before)
5. I covered the top of the tank with a towel so that the humidity would stay in and the water bowls wouldn't evaporate

It wasn't ideal, but I did come home to two freshly molted crabs who had scattered their food all over the tank!
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Re: good care if leaving town?

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I am new to crabbing but LOVE it! I am going on vacation for two weeks and plan to use the same person to "crabsit" that will keep my dog. The only problem is that this means a car trip, But I know he will do a good and conscientious job. The only other choice I have is to get a neighbor who will not be as careful but it will save them a trip in the car. Any suggestions about which would be better?
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Re: good care if leaving town?

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How long will the car trip be?
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