Lots of tears and one freaked out daughter later...

Questions about finding a hermit crab that has escaped the tank.
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Lots of tears and one freaked out daughter later...

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Was watching tele late last night when my daughter came out crying with our tiniest hermit crab stuck to her finger!

She had been lying in bed getting more freaked by the second by these rattling noises and then thought she saw a marble roll by itself across the floor. She finally got brave enough to peek over the edge just in time to see Kai crawl under the edge of the bed.!

She picked him up and he proceeded to grab hold of the tip of her finger for grim life. I couldn't get him offf and didnt want to pull hard and damage a leg. We finally tried putting her finger in the salt water pool of the tank and she let go just after she pulled her finger out again.

The little begged bad escaped from the tank in the lounge room and wandered down the hall and into the girls room. Thank goodness she was still awake and saw him as he is so tiny it would have been easy to just assume he was hiding in the tank somewhere and not known he had escaped.

Looks like he climbed up the power lead and squeezed against the rock I had over the cut out corner of the glass lid till it moved enough for him to fit through. I've stuffed newspaper in it for now but will have to come up with a long term solution.

He is sitting quietly on the sand this morning. Just hoping he didn't hurt himself getting from the top of the tank to the floor. Suspect he fell at least part of the way.
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