Questions about hermit crabs that abandoned their shell.
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My Pinkie is also running naked. She shed (actually I have two crabs and they both shed at the same time) and about a week later, she was out of her shell. I rinsed her shell out, sprayed her with water and then she went back in. That wasthree days ago and she seems ok. I hope nothing happens; maybe a grain of sand or food got in her shell and irritated her. She has water to bathe in, food to eat, the temp and humidity are fine; and so is the other crab. I have no other ideas as to why she left to run around naked! :P
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Re: My crabie is naked =(

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When you say "shed" do you mean molt? If so, were the two crabs separated to ensure that neither one could bully the other if it hardened faster? Did you allow them to eat their exoskeletons?

Crabs sometimes will drop their shells if they don't have the energy to carry it around, which can happen after a molt as molting is an exhausting process. Make sure you feed your crabs lots of good foods - steamed shrimp with the tail is a great thing to offer, as is a cuttlebone, honey, and fruits and vegetables for the natural sugars found in them. You need to make sure they get enough protein, chitin, and calcium especially right now as they recover.
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Re: My crabie is naked =(

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Emma is very right! :)

It's also important that they get foods like corn, cilantro, kale, spinach, mustard greens, and the like, as they contain a nutrient called Zeaxanthin that is very important to the health of crabs.

Here is a good list of foods containing Zeaxanthin, and there should be a source of this nutrient given each day.
Zeaxanthin Sources

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Re: My crabie is naked =(

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True, but one should try to offer something from each food group daily:

Say hermie A went and had a good meal last night so isn't really hungry tonight so doesn't visit the food dish. But hermie B didn't eat last night so he visits the food dish tonight. This isn't thinking of C-D-or E... so something from each food group should be offered daily.
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