Shell fight,Shell Loss, Can't Walk

Questions about hermit crabs that abandoned their shell.
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Shell fight,Shell Loss, Can't Walk

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Ok so I wasn't sure where to put this so feel free to move it. Sorry I haven't been on in forever guys D8 life has been hectic with a new school schedule. But the hermies have been good, no losses lately. But something happened last night, one of my bigger females was found streaking. I think this was not done voluntarily however, Blush was found without a shell and I managed to gently pick her up and slide her back into one that was around the similar size as her old one. The old one is nowhere to be found, I have a feeling it got stolen by someone while I was out and about, which is odd because I have plenty of shells, though I will not try to understand some of the ideas that go through hermits heads about shells .___.

Anyways she took to the shell quite readily, it wasn't until after awhile I realized she had problems walking. One of her bulkier legs I think was injured at one of the joints or something... and she seems to be in pain because when I move her and she moves that leg she lets out the strongest and loudest clicks I have ever heard. I am seriously considering moving her to isolation just because she can't bury herself or get to water or food. She literally cannot walk at all.

I am moving her myself and fed her some peanutbutter with honey today to get some protein and sugar into her system to make her more energized. It seemed to help a bit. She's about the size of a silver dollar and I can't put her in my regular isolation tank as I have mites in it right now. I do however have a 5 gallon, I just don't know what to do for water and food to make it easy for her to get to... Any ideas?

Sorry for the long post, just am super worried.
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