no limbs what so ever

Questions about detached legs or claws.
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Re: no limbs what so ever

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hes in his shell, i picked himup carfully i did everything noted, and he latched on but being as he has no limbs hes waaaay back in the shell, and i can just see his eyes and i dont know how i should feed him he wont come out anytime soon i know hes miserable also i was wondering what all this was: it was like he was asking me to help i noticed when i was trying to hand feed him some cuttle bone and honey i mixxed into a paste(the other crabs ate his exo?) he was rubbing his antenae on my finger so i circled my finger around and he kept touching my finger with his antenae like he was trying to comunicate with was sad, i didnt know what that was,and also there was water coming out of these creases under his eyes, i dont know what there called, it made it look like he was crying...its just so sad i dont know what to do

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Re: no limbs what so ever

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Crabs taste and smell through their antennae - he was probably tasting the honey/cuttlebone mixture. Do you have any fresh shrimp with tails you could put through a blender to make into a paste?
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Re: no limbs what so ever

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I blended up some whole steamed shrimp for my poor crab who had no pincers, and got a bit of paste from the bottom. There were quite a few chunks, but the paste was useful.

The water coming from the creases under his eyes... well, I know that crabs "pee" through their antennae, maybe that's what it was?? donno!

Another thing to remember to do, and it's stated in the info on how to nurse a limbless crab, is to put a drop of water into the crab's shell daily. You'll have to lift him up also to get him to drink, or perhaps you can use an eyedropper. The water will stay suspended at the tip, just a little if you are very gentle with squeezing, and the crab can drink from that if you hold it up to his mouthparts.

Hon, I applaud you for trying so hard with this hermie. If you can keep it up, and it will be a LOT of work, he will regenerate those limbs! May I suggest also picking up some spirulina at the grocery store (you can find it in the bulk seasoning section of the natural foods department, usually) to also mix in with some of the powdered food you can give him. You can pick up some freezedried shrimp at the pet store as well, just make sure it says "no preservatives" or at least "contains only shrimp". It can get a little spendy, and I don't know what you can afford to do, but if you can, pick up some of that. You want to make him some pastes he can eat, and give him some variety,as well as giving him plenty of protein, calcium, and some fresh fruits and veggies. I gave mine mashed strawberries and he LOVED them.

We are definitely all here pulling for you and your legless hermie!
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Re: no limbs what so ever

Post by Wai »

And I do have to apologise for being so cynical at first... but after reading the advice being given, there is still hope for your hermit crab! :D
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