Lost big claw; hanging out of shell but...

Questions about detached legs or claws.
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Lost big claw; hanging out of shell but...

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I just got a hemit crab so my other one wouldn't be lonely. I went to check on them today and the new crab had lost his big claw and was hanging out of his shell. He was still attached to the inside of the shell unlike my other hermit crab that died soon after I got it home from the store. Is it possible that she is molting? I have been misting her and the others inside my tank. I just got some new play sand that I was going to switch out in my tank because there isn't enough in there right now for them to dig. Please help.
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Re: Lost big claw; hanging out of shell but...

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It maybe he passed from PPS, but there are questions at:

that should be copied and pasted here and answered so we can get a better idea of your crabitat to attempt to help you.
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