Big hermy and Painted Shells :(

Vent about how a pet store mistreats hermit crabs.
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Big hermy and Painted Shells :(

Post by Bonnie.Maree »

So when I bought my hermies there was this huge hermit crab in a shell that was obviously too small, so small that it had cracks and stuff on it. Naive at the time I didnt think much but every week since I visit the same pet store and every week the poor thing is still there, I'm assuming because the pet stores here charge by size...

Anyway today I went back and the poor thing has obviously been eating his shell as its missing even more devastating :(

Ontop of that I went to the other pet store near me no longer able to bear watching this crab wither away (I cant find shells big enough for him nor do I have the $50 spare) and this pet shop was even worse! 80% of the hermit crabs in this tank were in coloured shells, paint chips clearly visible in them.

Whats worse is the shop attendant couldn't even tell me the tempreture or humidity as they dont have a gauge in there despite selling them! I love my hermies but the way theyre treated breaks my heart :(
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Re: Big hermy and Painted Shells :(

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Aw...that's really sad to hear such abuse towards hermit crabs. Even worse, RSPCA doesn't include hermit crabs in their list or what-ever record they have....
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Re: Big hermy and Painted Shells :(

Post by aussieJJDude »

Thats so sad... If you have rescued him good job. Right an email to the store how to properly house hermies. I done this and the stores have changed...
I have a hermie that i adopted from somebody off here - he still refuses to change shells. Coming to think about it, Tank needs a new shell because it is too small and it is painted and Barri need one because he is too small. most aussie I know, the larger they get the more pickier they get with shell choices. Goodness sake, I have 8 or so shells there size and they wouldn't even bugde, so that my younger ones have tried on - except they are too big for them :D

Sorry about the rant :D Good luck with the store :D
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