New crabbie caretaker (but not owner...)

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New crabbie caretaker (but not owner...)

Post by yatittle1 »

Hello. Completely new here. Missed this introduction forum and asked a few questions in the food forum section upon registering.

I haven't had hermies for nearly 30 years, nor any pet for 20 years. My daughter (she's just 6) just one day came home with a strawberry from her aquarium visit with mom, and since mom doesn't like pets, I've been nominated caretaker (while my daughter insists she's the do-nothing-but-love owner :( )

So did some research, got things set up...spent quite a fortune for one small hermie, and I'm still not sure it's enough. We opted for a plastic tote (which is easier to carry or push around even with 30 kg of substrate in it) with a black cover, while sides are transparent. And we added two more strawberry hermies for companionship purposes. I am adding the pictures to this post.

Since all my questions are in the food section post, this is just me saying hello. And we are trying with natural foods. Started with frozen crushed shrimp and sardine mix with strawberries and pineapple.

Just one bit of current owner-daughter just accidentally dropped our first hermie today when it pinched her hand. It fell about 10 inches or so to our wooden floor. On inspection, the shell seems fine, with the hermie not missing any body parts, or having hurt body parts (I wouldn't absolutely know, but it seems...)..and it scurries fine. But when we stared in the crabitat for upkeep and food replacement, he/she was the first to hide (before the fall, the other newbies hid, and he/she wouldn't mind our cleaning fingers one bit).

Will this become permanent? I guess first hermie is stressed and in some sort of shock, but is it permanently traumatizing? Will he/she get over it? My owner-daughter basically cried herself to sleep, and I have no idea on how our first hermie will react down the line.

Anyway, hope to get great feedback and advice on occasion.


ps1) tried to answer the questions thoroughly.
ps2) I'm Korean, but have lived in the US for about 20 years in two spells.
What is the volume of your main tank?
--> A transparent plastic tote, roughly 14~15 gallons (55 liters to be exact).

How many hermit crabs do you currently have? How big are they?
--> 3 strawberries, ranging from small to medium.

How long have you had the hermit crab(s) that you are concerned about?
--> The largest one (medium), a little over a month now.
--> 2 small to medium ones, just two days.

What substrate or combination of substrates are you using? How deep is it?
--> sterilized play sand (said to be imported from Australia, though I doubt it), crushed coral (2 types: one is 1~3mm sized, and the other is closer to the sand size, so sort of fine grained) The 3 are mixed at about a 5 to 1 to 1 ratio. The depth is a little over 6 inches (16 cm to be exact).

What do you feed your hermit crabs?
--> MY MAIN PROBLEM: the pet stores here seem to all use this thing called "crab jelly" which is supposed to make them crazed for it. And they also sold fish food shaped red pellets which is supposedly high on protein. The fella I had for a month, basically shuns the red pellets, so discontinued that. So stuck on "crab jelly" for now.

Do you use distilled, bottled, tap or other types of water?
--> Bottled water (Evian & Nordic - a bit overkill price-wise?), with one freshwater bowl and one ocean saltwater bowl.

If you are using a dechlorinator, what brand is it? Does it state to remove all heavy metals, chlorine and chloramines?
N/A, don't use tap. (But I did rinse the crushed coral (1~3mm sized) in warm tap water, before dumping in the tank.

What brand of sea salt are you using to supply your hermit crabs with salt water?
--> It says "Hermitcrab Salt" on it from some Korean outfit. I went to a few pet stores, aquariums and online, and it's the only brand they sell (at least domestically).

What heat source are you using and where is it positioned?
--> Currently on the floor with a towel underneath it. Korean homes are usually ground heated (and not air heated) so the floor is kept warm. A side, above substrate, UTH heater has been placed, but haven't really used it yet.

Have you calibrated your thermometer(s) and hygrometer so that you can interpret accurate readings?
--> Yes, I guess. It's not a digital one, though.

What is the air temperature range and humidity inside the tank?
--> 25 degrees Celsius / 80~90% humidity. When I open the tank cover to d -.- -.- o some upkeep and maintenance, the humidity level drops to 50~60%, then climbs back up into the 80%+ range about 30 minutes after the cover is replaced.

What is the highest temperature that the substrate near the heat source reaches?
--> Uhm...I don't know. Never thought about this one.

Do you have any photos of your tank or hermit crab(s) of concern? If yes, please attach them to your post.
--> Attached to this post.
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Re: New crabbie caretaker (but not owner...)

Post by ladybug15057 »

Welcome to HCP Please see my reply on your other post.
Marie (aka ladybug15057)

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Re: New crabbie caretaker (but not owner...)

Post by alexsmith123 »

This is kinda interesting, I have the same scenario and I don't know what to do can you help us figure it out?
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