Hi all, just beginning my journey.

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Hi all, just beginning my journey.

Post by Francine »

Hi there

My name is Francine, I'm from Western Australia.
I had hermit crabs as a kid, but when my parents separated my dad gave them to my uncle and they all died.

I've wanted to get hermit crabs for months now, but I'm the type of person who needs to research and feel comfortable with my abilities before I jump in.

I've been researching and have purchased a terrarium 50X30X38Cm (15 gallons), I've got a heat mat ordered, I purchased some water conditioner and salt and then read the care sheet https://hermitcrabparadise.com/crabcare/and realised I'd made a novice mistake by buying stuff labelled "Hermit crab".
Better to make these mistakes when I don't yet have the crabs. I've since re-purchased the recommended brands of these products.

My son (11) isnt too phased by the idea of them.
I've already decided one is going to be called Herman. Herman the Hermit. I'm not a child I swear XD

Thanks for having me, and for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience.

See you in the threads,

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Re: Hi all, just beginning my journey.

Post by Wai »

Welcome to the hobby! Let us know if you have any questions.
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