Survey of hermit crab (owners) 2022

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Survey of hermit crab (owners) 2022

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Curious about the similarities and differences between a large proportion of crabbers and their pet crabs? Hopefully, all and more can be answered in the 2022 hermit crab (& owners) survey.

All data gathered will simply be used as a tool in understanding the demographics that makes crabbers... well crabbers. This is purely on a volunteer basis only, and hope to make these questions yearly. Over time, differences will be noted not only how one cares for the crabs, but also a brief insight in to the owners themselves.

***All information gathered will simply be used as a reference to provide a glimpse into crabbing during 2022 and will remain anonymous.***

*shared to multiple groups and if you can, share to other crab owners!* ...
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