how do i build a 2nd storey?

Questions about designing a terrarium.
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Re: how do i build a 2nd storey?

Post by ladybug15057 »

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Re: how do i build a 2nd storey?

Post by Jadexox »

you can get glass cut and cover with silicone and pore rocks on it
you can glue it to the wall with silicone
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Re: how do i build a 2nd storey?

Post by hermie_lover3542 »

Ok will do by the way I did get a 2nd storie I used one of those reptile hammocks and put moss on it and the crabs absolutely love it!!!
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Re: how do i build a 2nd storey?

Post by Frostfire »

My idea that im going to try next fall is locker shelves. At least around here, every fall they have the cheap plastic "stackable locker shelves" they are free standing and i think they might work well. They hit target in august, and they are usually still there in september.
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Re: how do i build a 2nd storey?

Post by crabbyglen »

I cut a plastic cutting board to size, drilled 1/2" holes halfway through. Cut pvc pipe legs to hold it up. Took aquarium sealant and glued a rock ledge across and stones up the pillars. This gave them the ability to climb up and across. I kept extra shells there.
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