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10 Jul 2016: The long overdue Blog section is now available! More updates to the site will follow!
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Care Sheets

Care Sheets
Our very basic care sheet is available for download in Australian and American English. Please refer to our Crab Care section for more thorough explanations.


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How did my hermit crab escape?

In case you skipped the previous pages, hermit crabs can escape by climbing on the silicone glue on the inside corners of tanks. Whilst you were cleaning out their tank, one of your hermit crabs may have been latched onto one of the toys that you took out of the tank and they proceeded run away when you were not looking.

How do I find my hermit crab?

Try your best to remain calm and follow the steps below in order until you find your hermit crab. Keep listening for scratching or knocking sounds against the floor or walls.
1.  If relevant, identify the escape route out of the tank and seal it so that no more hermit crabs can escape the tank.
2.  Inform other people in the household that a hermit crab is on the loose and to watch where they step in case they crush your hermit crab.
3.  Close all windows and doors so that your hermit crab cannot escape the house. Once your hermit crab escapes out of the house, it is literally gone forever.
4.  Look carefully around the tank and under the furniture, including the curtains. Hermit crabs tend to dart for dark and humid places such as the kitchen.
5.  Cover the floors with newspaper or aluminium foil and then listen for sounds.
6.  Place a giant dish of salt water on the floor and a dish of stinky food such as raw fish.
7.  Set up a fan and position it to blow at the salt water dish and food.
8.  If you have to go to bed, find a glass container or small tank and put the salt water and food inside. Set up a UTH underneath if the room is cold. Place a ruler or a branch from the floor to the top edge of the tank. This way, the hermit can climb into the container, but cannot climb out once it falls inside.
9.  Wake up and hope your hermit crab is inside the container. If not, set up multiple dishes of salt water and food around the house. Check if there are wet trails on the newspaper. Do not give up until you find your hermit crab.
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